Oxfam Open

The Oxfam Open is a charitable competition where all the profits go to Oxfam. The competition has two main aims: firstly, we hope to run a competition that is welcoming to all levels of fencers. Secondly, we want to raise as much money as possible to go towards the work of Oxfam.

Since the relaunch of the Oxfam Open in 2013 we have managed to raise over £5000 to support Oxfam's great work. In 2015 and we are hoping to once again raise money to make a real difference to many people lives.

We passionately want to raise as much money for Oxfam as we can. The competition itself is the same as any of the other opens throughout the country, results will count towards national rankings and there are already a good number of top level referees who have agreed to come along to support the event. We offer one slight difference from the normal process of competition entry for those that wish, instead of paying a normal entry fee we offer you the chance to find sponsors for your entry and to try and raise as much money as possible through this. Of course you can pay a normal entry fee and you can find more information about both sponsored and normal entry over on the Sign-Up pages.